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People with disabilities may get assistance in finding and keeping employment via Disability Employment Services. People with a handicap, injury, or health condition may be eligible for support in their quest to obtain and maintain gainful employment via Disability Employment Services. Rehabilitation Service Providers Providers of Employment Services (or DES Providers) are often used. DES Providers include for-profit and non-profit organisations of varying sizes that have expertise in helping those with disabilities and advising businesses on how to accommodate their workers with disabilities in the workplace.

There are two aspects to Disability Employment Services:

  • To help people with a disability, accident, or other health condition who are looking for employment and may require additional support in the workplace on occasion, receive support from the Disability Management Service.
  • For those who are permanently disabled and are in search of gainful employment, the Employment Support Service provides the resources necessary to both obtain and maintain employment.

When enrolling in the DES programme, members can select their preferred provider, giving them more control over the services they get and how they receive them. If you need any details on DES or other job options for people with disabilities, JobAccess is the place to go. Individuals with disabilities, businesses, and service providers may all use the wealth of resources available at JobAccess.

Companies That Offer DES Services

Through a funding competition in 2018, a pool of DES Suppliers was assembled. The ESA, Organisation, DES service type and Specialisation page provide a directory of DES providers.

Evaluation of the DES’s Efficiency

Providers of the DES Disability Management Service (DESDMS) and DES Employment Support Service (DESESS) were informed of their performance evaluations in December 2021.

The Results of the Evaluation

Each service provider was evaluated. As a consequence, 52 DES providers had to scale down or end their operations:

  • Out of 44, 8 will have all DES services terminated.

The results of the official performance review will be released in August 2022. The DES Star rating method was used to evaluate the DES service providers. This metric assesses how well service providers get long-term jobs for their clients. You may easily compare different service providers in Australia using the DES Star Ratings. A new, higher-quality service provider will need to be selected by affected DES members.

Comprehensive Employment and Training Programs

The Australian government is dedicated to ensuring that people with disabilities have access to employment programmes tailored to their needs. Starting on 1 January 2022, job-seekers who are otherwise qualified to use DES will use more widely available digital employment services. Successful job-seekers who can take charge of their job-hunting processes will benefit from this shift since they will have more say over the services they use.

While receiving digital services, disabled job seekers are still eligible for DES and may always ask for help connecting with a DES Provider. If a job seeker has not begun working within a year, they will be sent to a DES Provider. The Australian government is serious about helping individuals with disabilities find work, so they’re providing DES participants with the training and information they need to find and keep a job. As of 1 January 2022, schools may prefer training programmes addressing actual skill gaps.

Potential Future DES Supply

The DES programme will expire on 30 June 2023, and the Australian government has committed to engaging with disability stakeholders to investigate potential replacement models for disability employment assistance in the 2021-22 Budget.

The new disability employment assistance model will focus on the needs of people with disabilities. Beginning in the middle of 2021, the government will conduct extensive consultations with relevant parties, such as those with disabilities, their families and caregivers, disability peak organisations, employers, and DES Providers.

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