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Do Dresses Get Longer With Size?

If you are unsure of your dress’ length, you should have someone measure you before purchasing it. Make sure you use a soft and flexible measuring tape. If you do not feel comfortable with your measurements, you can ask a stylist to help you find the perfect length. Consider how long you want your dress to be from the hollow to the hem, and order the next size up if necessary. If you think you will be wearing the dress for a special occasion, order one size up to make sure it fits well.

If you have a natural curve, removing darts or stretching fabric can make a dress longer. But remember that stretching fabric can stretch the fabric too much and leave a crooked look. Not all fabrics stretch well, so be sure to check carefully before you proceed. Silk, velvet, and satin will stretch. This means that if your dress is too small, it will stretch and look bad. It is also important to remember that if you want a longer dress, you will have to take in the waist.

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