Everything You Must Know About Bottomless Lunch

Sydney is the melting pot of classic Australian food like barramundi, parmigiana, meaty pies and sausages. The city’s foodscape is anchored by traditional foods made by chefs from the fresh produce of local farms.

So, if planning a lunch with your friends or family is on your mind, why not try something different and go for bottomless lunch in Sydney? You get an extensive menu catering to a wide range of tastes. Plus, you can get various packages according to your needs.

But before you plan to catch up with your buddies over delicious food and drinks, you must learn everything about bottomless lunches.

Read the details below.

What is Bottomless lunch?

Bottomless lunches are quite a rage among food-loving Australians. It includes starters, entrees, main courses, sides and desserts. Now comes the best part: you get an unlimited number of drinks too, which can be perfect for celebrating and having a gala time.

How should you prepare for your bottomless lunch?

Before you and your friends start looking for the nearest hotel for your bottomless lunch, you should go through the following tips to make the most of it.

1. Try not to make plans the day before and after

Being hungover when you arrive for your lunch will be a disappointing experience. It can be hard to gulp your favourite drinks if you have a hangover from the previous night’s party. What is even worse is doubling your hangover after two drinks. So, get proper sleep before you arrive for lunch.

You must also not refrain from making any plans afterwards. When you are out with your friends and having a great time, you may not say no when the waiter asks if you need another drink. Hence, it is better to take it easy after having more than a couple of mimosas, Ohza or bellinis during lunch.

2. Know the rules before ordering

You are spoilt for choices when choosing a place for boozy weekend lunches in Sydney. It is a sprawling metro of bottomless margaritas, free-flowing mimosas, unlimited bubbles and endless sangrias.

Hence, you may find many bottomless lunch spots insisting you get a cocktail at the very beginning of the meal. When you get to the cocktail-paved path, be very sure of it. While one glass is fine, things might get a bit uncomfortable as you get to the third or fourth drink.

3. Be on time

If you have reserved a place for bottomless lunch, you must get there on time. When you are prompt, the brunch guests and waiters will be thrilled to get the party started. So, ensure you arrive for your lunch on time and receive the best possible services.

4. Know the menu

Knowing the food and drinks is best when you pick a restaurant for bottomless lunch in Sydney. This way, you can prevent the disappointment of not getting the food items you like.

The same goes for your drink menu as well. Be thorough while checking the variety of drinks the restaurant serves. You should also know how many drinks you plan to consume and what cocktail you want. Knowing about the menu beforehand can help you stay within limits and budget.

A bottomless lunch is supposed to be a fun-filled affair. But don’t get caught up in conversations and sip on the drinks a little too fast. You must pace yourself to enjoy your time. Also, remember water is the key to surviving a bottomless brunch. So, keep sipping on your water to keep a bad hangover at bay.

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