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Flapper Girl Pictures From the 1920s

If you’ve ever seen a flapper girl picture, you know how revealing they looked. Flapper girls were some of the first people to defy convention and get rid of confining undergarments. They were also famous for wearing unique, colorful clothing, which amounted to their unique style. But just what exactly was a flapper girl? Read on to find out what she wore in these pictures from the 1920s.

Films of flappers also show how these women changed society. They removed corsets, lowered the hemlines of skirts, and popularized short hair for women. The flapper image is embodied in many movies, including “Anita Loos’ satire “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,” which starred Marilyn Monroe. The movie also featured other iconic flappers, including Colleen Moore, Bebe Daniels, and Leatrice Joy.

A flapper’s wardrobe included fancy jewelry and elaborate handbags. Flappers also carried liquor in their purses. The fashion of the time was largely dependent on the sophistication of women. A flapper’s wardrobe required short skirts and garters that were decorated with frilly ribbons and ruffles. They wore feather or fur muffs that doubled as flasks. The flappers sported dresses made from sheer materials and carried small handbags and purses.

A key element of the flapper movement was its leaders and stars. Many of the earliest female characters in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s books were inspired by their style. In fact, the author credited his wife, Zelda, as his model and inspiration for his many female characters. And, it’s no wonder that the flapper movement was fueled by such a dynamic couple. He used her as a model for many of his stories, including “This Side of Paradise” and “Flappers and Philosophers.”

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