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Funny Names For Alexa

If you’ve been thinking about naming your new robot assistant, here are some ideas: Mocha, Lexis, Sandy, or Anna. If your new pet is always on vacation, a unique nickname like Sandy would be a great choice for your new friend. If you prefer short nicknames, you might like to consider Anna. For a Frozen movie lover, an Alexa named Anna would be a great choice.

Having a female voice or a male one? Regardless of gender, there’s a funny name for Alexa. You could name your smart plugs, lights, or other smart home devices Dr. Seuss-themed. If you don’t want to use a female name for your smart home assistant, consider giving it a funny nickname, like Better Half or Cylon. The possibilities are endless!

Another option is to change the name Alexa calls you. You can choose a nickname, pet name, or a funny word that describes you. It could be Captain, Mikey, or anything else that sounds like a fun nickname. To change your name, open the Alexa app and tap the “Communicate” option. This will bring up a menu of names for your virtual assistant. Select the one that describes your personality best duysnews.

You can also use celebrities’ voices when you name your robot assistant. The voices of popular actors such as Samuel L. Jackson are great for the Amazon Echo and are priced at a reasonable $5. You can also program Alexa to say various swear words and curse words. Then, you can make your robot assistant do what you want. Regardless of how far you’re willing to go for the latest technology, you’ll be entertained with funny names for Alexa.

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