Health Benefits of Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are not only physical. Exercise improves mental health, too. Even the most basic workouts can have a profound effect. Research has shown that even the smallest amount of exercise can have positive health benefits. In fact, the benefits of physical activity are so widespread, that they’re beneficial to everyone. A 1953 epidemiological study found that physically active London bus conductors had fewer cases of coronary heart disease than non-active ones.

Physical fitness also improves life expectancy. Research shows that those who are physically active live longer and are healthier than those who don’t. Exercise improves bone density and flexibility. People with good physical fitness are less likely to suffer accidental injuries. Stronger muscles are less prone to sprains and breaks. Physical activity also reduces the risk of bone injury. In addition to these benefits, physical activity can help us enjoy everyday activities.

Physical activity has many other benefits, including lower blood pressure and improved mood. For the elderly, it’s important to engage in moderate activity on a daily basis. As long as you stay active, you’ll reap the same health benefits as younger adults. For example, walking briskly for 10 minutes each day is beneficial. Moderate-intensity physical activity will cause you to breath faster, feel warmer, and increase your heart rate. In contrast, vigorous physical activity will leave you sweaty and short of breath.

Moderate activity is recommended for the majority of people. Moderate exercise increases the heart rate and respiration rate and allows you to talk and breathe comfortably, but not sing. Most people can do moderate-intensity physical activity. However, vigorous exercise may not be appropriate for those with joint problems or other disabilities. However, it’s a good idea to consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.

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