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Plus Size Dressing to Look Thinner

One way to make yourself appear slimmer is to wear clothes that flatter your figure. A plus-size dress with the right cut and shape can help you look longer and hide bulges. Look for a V-neck style to draw attention to your collarbone and bust. Wide straps and sleeves de-emphasize full shoulders and arms. Horizontal stripes also elongate your figure. Choose plus-size clothing that is flattering and comfortable to wear.

Plus-size women can create the illusion of a slimmer figure by wearing a dress with a long, A-line shape. A-line dresses are long and flow between the legs, and they can camouflage troublesome areas on the body. Wearing a flowing fabric instead of a skin-tight one is also a great option. The right color combination will help your figure appear slimmer.

When shopping for plus-size clothing, remember that darker, richer colors will have a slimming effect. The color should complement your skin tone. Contrasting colors will break up the body’s line and make you look taller and thinner. Don’t hide your hourglass shape by wearing light-colored clothes. Light-colored fabrics will draw attention to imperfections and make you look larger. You can still look slimmer in dark colors, but be cautious about how much skin you reveal!

If you are a plus-size woman over fifty, you need a wrap dress. A wrap dress has a V-neck, which accentuates your waist shape. You can purchase a wrap dress from the same brand as a regular wrap dress, or choose a different style altogether. One great option is a stretchy dress like the ones from Boden. You can wear this dress as long as it fits properly.

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