Pros and Cons of Public Wi-Fi

Today, accessing the internet is not a problem because public Wi-Fi networks are quite common. Whether you are on the go or at a cafe, you can still complete your online activities as long as you have access to public Wi-Fi networks. This technology has made our lives easier, but at the same time, it has increased the risk of cyber-crimes. It is a form of convenience that is being taken for granted by hackers. Public Wi-Fi network has several security issues, and one needs to be diligent about online activities to avoid being a victim of cybercrime.

We are all aware of the fact that cybercrime is increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is important to take precautions so we can continue to use the internet without our data being compromised. We should not blindly follow anything and always research the pros and cons of our activities. Furthermore, we understand that free Wi-Fi access is quickly turning into something that people expect to be a standard part of the consumer experience everywhere they go.

If you use a public Wi-Fi network, this blog is for you as we have curated the list of its pros and cons.

Pros of Using Public Wi-Fi

Do you hesitate when it comes to using public Wi-Fi? Read the benefits listed below.


Public Wi-Fi networks allow several users to connect through the same network. People can easily use the internet even if they are not at home, as public Wi-Fi network has made their lives easier. Imagine you are at dinner with your friends and suddenly you remember that you had to send an email to your boss. What are you going to do? Go back home? No, right? You will definitely use public Wi-Fi and get the work done.


As long as a person has access to public Wi-Fi network, they do not necessarily have to sit at home to complete their basic tasks. For example, if you want to check a report or complete your back transactions, you can easily do it via phone as long as you have access to public Wi-Fi network while you are out.


Sometimes working from home can get pretty boring, and this can affect your productivity. But with public Wi-Fi network, you can enjoy working from your favorite restaurant. So, next time you feel that you are not enjoying working from home, you can visit the nearest park or your favorite coffee shop to complete your tasks. In this way, your productivity is not compromised.

Cons of Using Public Wi-Fi

Our intention is not to intimidate you, but the cons can outweigh the abovementioned pros. Read on to know the cons of using public Wi-Fi networks.


Nothing is more important than your internet security, and public Wi-Fi networks are not safe. Within seconds, hackers can hack your devices and steal all confidential information. Our advice is not to access confidential data when you are using a public network.

Public Wi-Fi networks are not trusted sources, and you should not use an unsecured connection no matter how demanding your situation is. Hackers have identified several ways to hack the devices that are on public networks. If it is about privacy and security, then choose HughesNet. The provider offers advanced Wi-Fi security solutions and a secure connection as well.

The latest technology also delivers a high-speed connection and has a guest Wi-Fi network for outsiders. This way, a third party cannot access your online activities. The provider ensures that the subscribers are using a secure internet connection. You can also check out TV and internet packages if you are looking for a good plan.

Speed Issues

Since several users are using public Wi-Fi hotspots, you are likely to face speed issues. This results in a considerable bandwidth loss, resulting in a slow connection. A single website can take forever to load, and you will not be able to use the internet properly and this can affect your productivity. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely completely on public Wi-Fi networks if you have a deadline to meet as they are not likely to offer a good speed.

Annoying Advertisements

Brands have identified new ways to make money! Therefore, many public Wi-Fi networks bombard your devices with ads as soon as you connect to them. You cannot skip the advertisements and have to watch them till the end. This can be annoying when you need to complete an urgent task.

Final Thoughts

Just like every other technology, public Wi-Fi has its pros and cons. Public Wi-Fi has definitely made our lives easier, but you should be diligent about your activities when you are using it. Do not use public Wi-Fi unnecessarily, and protect your online security.

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