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Should You Size Up Or Down When Buying a Bridal Dress?

When you’re planning to buy a new dress, you may be wondering if you should size up or down. Before making a purchase, however, you need to know how to measure yourself. You can use a soft, flexible measuring tape, or seek professional help. When measuring your waist and hips, you should keep in mind that your measurements will likely change as you wear the dress. To avoid oversizing, it’s best to order one size larger than your usual size.

American sizes are 2xS, 4xS, 6xM, 8xL, 10xL, and 12xXL. You can also use online clothing websites, but keep in mind that their sizes can run a little larger than typical sizes. When you’re shopping online, take your measurements and pay attention to the origin of the sizing chart. European and Asian sizes are different. You’ll probably know your measurements by experience, so it’s worth a try before you purchase an item online.

One thing to consider is how European bridal sizing differs from that in the United States. American bridal designers tend to make smaller dresses than those from European countries. While this may seem unfair, European women are not necessarily smaller than American women. The size charts used in these countries are based on body types of decades ago. The size charts of the European bridal fashion designers are more accurate. If you’re buying a dress that’s too small, consider going up a size.

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