Take a Day Trip to These Other Southern California Cities from San Diego

San Diego is one of the most interesting cities on Earth, but it can get boring to be stuck in one place for too long. If you want to get away but aren’t sure where to go or what to do: a day trip is the perfect fit.

These are the best day trips you can take from San Diego, and why they rock!

Make a Trip to Gorgeous Beaches

Beaches are one of the best parts of living in California, so why not make the most out of them? If you want a great day trip, consider visiting a cute seaside town like La Jolla! Getting away from the traffic and noise of the city gives you a chance to stop and breathe and connect with the beautiful seaside views that make California such an iconic state.

If you’re going beachside, remember to pack water and sunscreen; although tans are always lovely, it’s important to take care of your skin!

Have Incredible Fun on a Whale Watching Tour

If you want some excitement after hunting for San Diego apartments for rent, it’s time to go whale watching! Even the whales are tourists here. Swimming through between May and October, countless whales come to the lagoons off the coast of Mexico before making their way back north.

There are countless boating companies that offer tours, and starsfact many even book week-long cruises for a chance to travel alongside these massive and beautiful animals. There’s nothing as incredible as seeing a living thing this large to remind you how small we are.

Learn History from the Many Missions

In the same way that plantations are a grim reminder of the past in the south, missions have become a painful reminder of California’s history. Founded by Spanish missionaries in the 1700s, these buildings can create complicated feelings for anyone of indigenous or Latin American descent.

Walking through the history of what these missions meant for the people who lived here and the history of colonization is an important step to understanding California a little better. While visiting, consider taking a walk through one of the many museums that pay homage to the native people of this land.

Explore Gorgeous and Lively Tijuana

Less than 20 miles from San Diego, Tijuana is a beautiful city known as whotimes the Corner of Mexico. Visitors here can explore gorgeous shops, get to know locals, and support businesses while still being a drive away from the states. Consider visiting the cultural center to gain better insight into the people and history of this area.

This is also a fantastic place to go if you want some truly delicious food. With affordable prices, fresh ingredients, and skilled cooks, you’ll fall in love with every single bite you take in Tijuana!

Living in San Diego Comes With Options!

San Diego is lovely, but sometimes it’s nice to get out of the city! If you ever need a day trip away, consider driving to one of these awesome stops.

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