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The Best Brands For Skinny Guys

If you’re a skinny guy looking for the best brands to wear, you’ve come to the right place. This article will introduce some of the most popular brands for skinny guys. Take a look at the brands below for some suggestions. Here are three of our favorites. All of these brands are made to flatter a skinny guy’s figure. We’ve selected the most flattering styles based on our own experience.

Active Quick Dry Shirts – For the gym or workouts, skinny guys should choose an active quick-dry shirt. Similarly, skinny guys should try sweatpants that fit snugly, but are not too baggy. Some sweatpants with cuffed bottoms give a thicker look. For example, Champion Retro Sweatpants look great on skinny guys. These sweatpants fit perfectly and are priced affordably.

Spanx and H&M – If you are a tall skinny guy, H&M might be a great choice. While sizing is sometimes inconsistent, there are a number of slim-fitting options available. You can even try on clothes in store before buying. These stores are located in major metropolitan malls. You can choose between office-friendly and daily-living styles. Lastly, check your budget – Banana Republic’s price range is higher than H&M’s.

Gildan – For the tall and skinny guy, Gildan has a wide range of stylish and high-quality cotton shirts. Gildan’s Ultra Cotton material is durable enough for tall and skinny guys, and it doesn’t shrink when washed. In addition to the variety of colors and styles, Gildan offers six different colors for its special printing. And don’t forget about the fit and quality – Gildan is perfect for skinny guys!

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