What is the Best Internet Service Provider in Australia?

Which ISP is best for you depends on your needs. A large, well-known company may have a large customer base, but it might not be the best choice for you. Cheaper internet plans might be the best option for you, however. Smaller providers can also provide high-speed connections. And while you may not need a lot of bandwidth, you still have the option to pick the speed and plan that suits your needs.

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The biggest telco in Australia is Telstra, which has significantly improved in the last few years. Besides having the biggest network, Telstra has increased the variety of its packages and added features. This is important if you want to stream 4K movies or upload large videos. If you only want to browse the internet or send emails, a slower connection is more useful. You can also check whether your provider offers a plan with free installation, as this is an important factor.


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If you are unsure about which ISP is right for you, try comparing the various plans on Canstar Blue. This service allows you to compare all the big ISPs with smaller providers. Compare customer reviews and see which one meets your needs. Remember, everyone has different experiences and opinions about an internet provider. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different plans. You can also check out Canstar Blue’s comparison chart to find the best internet service provider.

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