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Why Do You Need Double Glazed Windows At Your Home?

You usually think of windows as just windows. The adjectives you’d typically use to describe the windows you have or want include square, rectangular, small, long, large, etc. Have you ever heard of double glazed tilt and turn windows? Quite a mouthful, right? Who knew so many words were required to describe a hole in the wall with bars and glass? These windows with a highly descriptive title offer a whole package of benefits to living spaces and workspaces. If you haven’t considered (or heard of) these windows before, don’t let the name intimidate you. This post will explain that you’re five, and by the time you’re done, you’ll hopefully have a new vision for your home.

What Are These Windows?

First things first. A double glazed window comprises two glass panels with an intervening space filled with a noble gas like argon or krypton. “Tilt and turn” refers to the mode of opening and shutting these windows. If you “turn” your window, you are opening or closing it along the side hinges like a regular door. If you “tilt” your window, you pull the top frame inward. Tilting opens and closes the window along the central hinges.

Why Your Home Needs These Windows

You’ll forgive the name that sounds like a doughnut option when you absorb the benefits of the windows.


With double glazed tilt and turn windows, what happens within your four walls stays within your four walls. You can play rock music on high volume or organise pots and pans in the kitchen, and the neighbours will be completely oblivious. You wouldn’t want to be reported for a noise violation for getting your daily fix of AC/DC or Nickelback now, would you?

If you’re a quiet mouse, these windows protect your ears and sanity. You won’t have to endure the aggressive drum solos of your neighbour’s teenage son or the hum of aeroplanes if you live near an airport. These windows are a smart way to eliminate the sound without compromising the view.


You’ve probably watched movies or TV shows where burglars and bad guys entered houses by shattering window glass with their elbows, snaking their arms through the hole, and jiggling the handle from the inside. Anyone attempting to break double glazed tilt and turn windows like this will do more damage to their elbows than the windows. The sturdy glass and multipoint hinges constitute the perfect safety barrier. You’ll sleep better at night with these windows if you live alone, in a sparsely populated area, or with small children and elders.

Easy Maintenance

To clean these windows, you won’t need chemical products with eleven-syllable names, a bartender’s shaker, lab beakers, or cloths with a herringbone weave. Your regular grocery store detergent, a bucket of water, and your beloved kitchen rags will do. These windows come with easy-clean technology, so you don’t have to scrub them for the duration of a Delta Goodrem album. With a few swipes of the arm, your windows will go from fingerprint database to the surface of an undisturbed Lake McKenzie. When you’re done, you’ll see the Victorian row and the lantana clusters go from gauzy vintage to full HD.

Wrapping Up

Let the light in and keep the noise out with functional windows. Rehearse the tongue-twister, “tilt and turn windows” at least five times in front of a mirror before calling the window installation company.

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